T2 Hospitality's mission is to create wealth through select hotel investments. 



wE are guided by A strategy that draws from OUR past, present, and future. 

T2 Hospitality is a California based, privately controlled real estate development, investment, and asset management company founded in 2011.  Our approach is continually evolving and advancing to keep ahead of the game. Who we are is every bit as important as what we are. 


  Our Beliefs




We set positive examples and invest in others so that they can follow the guidelines of leadership.  


We promote openness and transparency in our operations. Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-tern business success. 


Collaboration in the early stages of a development ensures a smooth process. We align best practices and ideas to find the best solution. 


We are a learning organization. We measure, monitor, analyze, and improve productivity, processes, tasks, and ourselves. We are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. 





We develop creative solutions and share leading practices that enhance the value of services provided for our properties. 


We treat others as we expect to be treated. We embrace each individual's unique talents and operate in the spirit of cooperation. 


We purse and value other's perspectives and desire to learn about opinions different from our own. 


We are committed to careful asset selection and management in order to provide our guests with a unique experience.